Bachelor’s degree from a regular university, majoring in Software Engineering (Nearly major, same major) (Diploma 2)


Software technology

– Target audience:

  • Candidates must have a university diploma issued by a Vietnamese higher education institution.
  • Candidates who have a university diploma issued by a foreign educational institution lawfully operating in Vietnam or an educational institution operating legally in a foreign country: The diploma must be recognized in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. Education and Training.

– Admission conditions:

  • Direct admission: candidates who have graduated from UEH’s regular university or graduated from universities in which the training major has graduated in the appropriate major (closer major, same major) with the registered industry.
  • Admission: Candidates (not eligible for direct admission) have obtained a university degree with a training major in a relevant discipline (closer industry, same major) or distant major in the field of application. , have a total score of study results of 02 (two) modules or subjects in one of the selection combinations according to the regulations to achieve the score decided by the UEH Admission Council.

-Program structure:

Professional education knowledge: 54 credits

Knowledge Industry Foundation

  • Programming base
  • Database
  • Data structures and algorithms

Specialized knowledge


  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile application development
  • Design the theme
  • System design analysis
  • Software technology
  • Software quality assurance and control
  • Information technology project management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Technology and innovation


  • Service-oriented software architecture
  • Cloud computing
  • Smart management support system
  • ERP in purchasing and distribution management
  • Ecommerce
  • Information security
Internship and Graduation: 10 credits
Total credits: 64 credits
– Standard output:
  • Standard skills in using basic Information Technology;
  • Standard English output.

– Job opportunities:

Graduates of Software Engineering are capable of taking on the following positions:

  • Specialist in analyzing, designing, programming, administering, maintaining software in business and management at domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • Research and application of information technology solutions in business and management at domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • Teaching courses in software engineering at university level.